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The quiet Swiss alps in the summer – calm, charming, and surrounded by meadows carpeted in greenery and alpine blooms.

Visit in the summertime, they said. It would be serene, they said. Well, not when 14 Koenigseggs and their excitable owners turned up at Andermatt’s otherwise tranquil streets one fateful day in September.

The locals, perhaps more accustomed to seeing affluent wintertime ski vacationers, were greeted by tourists of a different, louder, more imposing nature this summer. A whole Ghost Squadron family of owners and 14 Koenigsegg cars pumped a large dose of adrenaline in that peaceful Swiss village.

The Gemera show car was a 2-day fixture at the foyer of the Chedi Andermatt, with the rest of the ghost squadron fleet parked alongside. It was quite the unique and valuable line-up of models past and present that attracted a swelling crowd of onlookers, fans, and car spotters.

A convoy of four Regeras, two One:1s, a One of 1, a CCR, an Agera, an Agera X, two Agera Rs, and a CCXR Trevita went on a welcome drive along the Oberalp Pass. The entire entourage traversed effortlessly through the serpentine roads of the pass, gripping readily and comfortably on the winding uphill climb while leaving the drama of the Swiss alps in its trail.

An absolute gem of a moment happened when the Ghost Squadron procession ventured into the tunnels – the surround amplifiers of our throttle calls. The unworldly acoustics resonated ferociously, perhaps jolting a few passengers on the train that was running parallel to the road.

The cars lined up at the top of the pass with all their iconic Dihedral Synchrohelix doors opened and upward facing, saluting the onlookers in their fancy liveries. Not quite the average traffic jam you would be expecting to see (or create from cars slowing in the opposite direction to photograph the spectacular scene). That menagerie of bright shades – lava orange, reds, whites, pinks, blues, and carbon fiber made for quite the money shot.

For many, it was very much the squad of their dreams – a rare gathering of the finest specimens from Ängelholm that went to homes all around the world. But for us, it was an event that rang much closer to our hearts. As Halldora and Christian von Koenigsegg shared with our Ghost Squadron family at the GS20 dinner in Andermatt, the feeling they got when looking at all the cars was akin to seeing their children for the first time in a long while. It really made us appreciate the invaluable friendships with all the members of our Ghost Squadron family.

The next day saw the entourage and the Koenigsegg crew travel to Gstaad for a power-packed supercar weekend, but not before stopping by our Lucerne dealer, Carage for refreshments, and even more Koenigseggs to join the journey onwards.

The 2020 Ghost Squadron tour was a success thanks to the support of our dealers, Carage (Lucerne, Switzerland), Esser Automotive (Aachen Germany), and Semco Cars (Munich, Germany). We are also very humbled by the warm and enthusiastic reception by the friendly locals and loyal fans who made us feel welcome wherever we went.

We had a more modest gathering of owners (at safe distance) this year, but we promise that we will be back bigger and better after the dust settles.

Photography by Keno Zache, backed by Koenigsegg and Carage.


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