Filming in the typical vlogger style, Jerod Shelby, SSC North America Founder and CEO, shares a personal statement regarding the speculation around the SSC Tuatara top speed record run conducted on October 10, 2020 in Nevada.

Mr. Shelby talks about his company in an honest and sensible way. He also takes time to defend their somewhat slow reaction when Shmee150 and other YouTubers questioned the validity of the top speed record. Since SSC North America is a small organisation without a crisis team, it could explains their slow response time, well according to Jerod. Their answer to the controversy was indeed confusing and not in sync, for example, with the press release from Dewetron.

He’s already planning a rerun of the top speed record but this time, he wants more GPS redundancy with staff from those companies working with SSC. Mr. Shelby is also explicitly inviting Tim Burton aka Shmee150, Robert Mitchell and Misha Charoudin to be witness of the new top speed record attempt.

Unlike their previous press release, Jarod Shelby doesn’t try to defend the top speed world record anymore. We are still waiting for the famous video proving they have beat the record…

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