Official Press Release by Dewetron:

To whom it may concern

DEWETRON is an Austrian manufacturer for high precision test and measurement equipment and developer of intuitive measurement software. Our data acquisition systems meet the highest demands and comply with international norms and standards. Therefore, many customers around the globe rely on DEWETRON’s products which always provide extremely reliable and traceable results.

Despite the information published on the website of SSC North America as well as on several related and non-related YouTube channels, DEWETRON did not validate any data from world record attempts or preceding tests. Nobody of DEWETRON’s employees was present during the test drive or involved in the associated preparations. Since the results of measurement data highly rely on the right setup, on the regular calibration of the systems and sensors in use as well as on many other parameters, we are not able to guarantee the accuracy or correctness of the outcome. As of this moment, DEWETRON did not receive the measurement file of the test drive. As a result of the absence during the test drive paired with the missing data, DEWETRON is not able to make any further statements about the world record attempt under question.

However, DEWETRON knows that SSC uses the company’s test and measurement system–just like many other customers worldwide. As a part of DEWETRON’s customer service, we deliver all our systems with extensive training for future users. In the case of SSC, this happened remotely. Nevertheless, this training only includes the general use of the system, the software as well as the initial configuration. The training does not include the creation of any setup related to any given test. DEWETRON is a manufacturer of DAQ systems–the correct use underlies its customers. This means that our customers are responsible for all test setups including this one.

Therefore, we again want to highlight that DEWETRON neither approved nor validated any test results. No DEWETRON employee was present during the record attempt or its preparations.

We are sorry that we cannot provide any other information. If you have any questions related to the video under question or the execution of the record attempt, we kindly ask you to contact the creators directly.

Best regards,

Christoph Wiedner


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