It’s no accident that the 765LT feels the way it does. As our Director of Product, Jamie Corstorphine explains, everything from the tyres to the steering wheel is calibrated for driver engagement.

When our engineers set out to build a new LT model, absolutely nothing is left to chance. If the target for engine output is 765PS, then the twin-turbo V8 is designed and tuned to produce just that – not a horsepower less. Likewise, if the objective is to create the most engaging driver’s car possible, the team pursues that goal relentlessly. One is quantified on laptops, the other is measured by the heart; but the human, emotional side of the 765LT is every bit as deliberate and as tangible as the car’s performance.

Our Director of Product, Jamie Corstorphine explains how the car’s lightweight handling, its communicative steering and its incredible sound were all carefully engineered and orchestrated to create this mesmerising, intoxicating driver’s car.

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