With: James Condon

On this episode, James aka TheStradman, has a collection agency on his back because of his Ferrari 458. The Arancio Argos Aventador is making an appearance for a trip to Agility Customs with an update on the Jeep 6×6. They are making good progress on those crazy one-of-a-kind mods on the Gladiator. No update on James’ future house but he’s making a small pass in front of his land and shows us progress on his future neighbour’s house.

With Oskar in the scene, MAIL TIME is back for one special package for the Ford Raptor!

James and Burlacher are doing warehouse renovation with big improvements for its cars storage capability. When James’ house will be done, I believe he’s gonna get rid of that warehouse.

This episode ends with food vlog and poop!

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